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Intimate Vaginal Tablets


  • It tightens the vaginal muscles.
  • It dries up excess vaginal discharge.
  • It enhances sexual pleasure.
  • Cure to leucorrhoea.
  • Treats uterus prolapse.

Intimate Vaginal Tablets are used to restore and tone up lax and sagging vaginal muscles. It checks leucorrhoea and treats uterus prolapse.

It is made by mixing 18  types of herbs, like as Kesar, Chandan, karakas, supari, Kasturi dana,

Ashok Dhay, Harad, Lodh, Anaar, Bhringraj, babool, Mochras, Mai, Unnab, Karpur, Deodar, Bhojpatra, Mayaphal, Dridhranga, etc.

For good condition of the vagina, one tablet is to be inserted into the vagina at bedtime daily or on alternate days.




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