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Heart Care (Hridya Amrit Capsule)


  • Remove bad Cholesterol from the Body

  • Keeps Blood Pressure under Control

  • Provides Protection to the Heart

  • Cure High Blood Pressure



💚 Introducing Philogics Heart Care – Hridya Amrit Capsule! 💚


🌿 Discover the power of Ayurveda with our exceptional herbal solution, Philogics Heart Care. Designed specifically to address the challenges of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this Ayurvedic medicine offers a natural and holistic approach to heart health.

🌱 Hridya Amrit Capsule is meticulously crafted using a potent blend of 14 carefully selected herbs, each renowned for its unique benefits. Among these herbs, you’ll find Arjuna, Shuddha Shilajit, Sharpagandha, Cinnamon, Pushkarmool, Mulethi, Amla, Bansiochan, Swarna Bhasma, and many more.

🌿 Arjuna, a key ingredient known for its cardiovascular support, helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, promoting overall heart health. Shuddha Shilajit aids in reducing high cholesterol, assisting in the management of lipid levels. Sharpagandha, a natural stress reliever, supports optimal blood pressure control.

🌱 Our formulation also includes Cinnamon, known for its antioxidant properties that contribute to a healthy heart. Pushkarmool, Mulethi, Amla, and Bansiochan work together to nourish the heart, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

🌿 Swarna Bhasma, a revered Ayurvedic ingredient, enhances the overall efficacy of the Hridya Amrit Capsule, boosting its benefits and supporting heart health.

💚 Experience the wisdom of Ayurveda with Philogics Heart Care – Hridya Amrit Capsule. Let nature’s gifts work harmoniously to maintain your heart’s well-being. Embrace a healthier heart and a happier life.

🌱 Consult with your healthcare professional or Ayurvedic practitioner to learn more about incorporating Philogics Heart Care into your wellness routine.




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